Centrifugal Din Pump



Dinend (compact monobloc design)
     • Space saving
     • IEC standard motor

DinIn-line pump casing design

     • Space saving
     • InLine
     • IEC standard motor


Smoothflo Din range of end suction centrifugal, complies fully to the international standard EN733 (Din24255).They are available in cast iron, bronze or stainless steel construction, suitable for handling water, chemical and corrosive liquids.

Application field

  • Building Industry:
    Air conditioning & Refrigeration: Fire protection; Plumbing
  • Utility:
    General Service; Circulation; Water & Waste water treatment
  • Agriculture:
    Irrigation; Drainage
  • General Industry:
    Non corrosive & corrosive liquids transfer.


  • International standard to ensure dimensional interchangeability with other made of same standard.
  • Back pullout design permit pump rotor and bearing housing removal without disturbing the suction & discharge pipe
  • Replaceable wear ring reduce cost of parts and maintenance time...
  • Grease Lubrication sealed for life require no maintenance
  • Mechanical seal protection against damage due to leakage.

Operating parameters

  • Flow to 1800 m³ hr
  • head to 140 meter
  • Maxi pressure <16 bar
  • Maxi speed 3500rpm
  • Temperature to 170°C